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Who are the Lutheran Brethren?

We are a Protestant church with an evangelistic Lutheran tradition. There are 110 Lutheran Brethren congregations in the United States and Canada and over 1,800 churches and chapels in Cameroon, Chad, Japan, and Taiwan. In addition, 13 independent congregations in the United States are served by Lutheran Brethren pastors.

Is the Lutheran Brethren a new denomination?

No. Our synod was organized in December of 1900 when five independent Lutheran congregations met in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to join together for mission projects which were larger than one congregation could handle.

What does the Lutheran Brethren stand for?

A Gospel-centered ministry where salvation by grace alone is proclaimed and where godly living, patterned after the principles of Scripture is encouraged. We believe that Christianity is not only a creed to confess but that it is a life to be lived for God in holiness. For that reason we seek to cultivate a sensitive spirit toward those who have spiritual struggles and try to minister God's grace to those needs.

How would you describe your worship services?

People are often surprised when they attend our services. The pastor does not wear vestments and the ritual of the Common Service is not used. Recognizing the freedom for different forms of worship allowed by the Lutheran Confessions, and believing that the New Testament worship forms were simple, we center our worship around the singing of gospel and worship songs, traditional hymns, scripture lessons, prayer and the sermon which is based on God's Word.

I see that you have more members overseas. That must mean you have a strong mission program?

Yes. From the very beginning our synod had a vision for world missions, first in China, then in Cameroon, Chad, Japan, and Taiwan where we now have teams of church planters, teachers,

Bible translators, and health workers. All of the national churches are independent of the synod in North America. We serve them at their request. It has been gratifying to see the Lord extend His kingdom through our sister churches overseas. That is why our congregations were willing to spend about $1 million last year for world missions.

In addition to this overseas mission emphasis, our people also sense a burden for people inCanada and the United States. New congregations are being planned for North America.

What about Christian Education?

We have a seminary and high school located in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. The Lutheran Brethren Seminary offers the M.Div. and other degrees. Hillcrest Lutheran Academy is a four-year boarding high school, along with a two-year junior high, accredited by the state of Minnesota. In addition, the Lutheran Center for Christian Learning delivers biblical studies opportunities to adult lay learners, individuals, groups, and congregations.

On the congregational level, our churches conduct Sunday schools, Bible studies, and weekday programs that meet their needs. Confirmation instruction is offered to young people when they reach grade seven or eight. This two-year course of instruction is based on the Scriptures using Luther's Small Catechism as the outline.

How can I learn more about the Church of the Lutheran Brethren?

You would be most welcome to visit a local Lutheran Brethren congregation! We will gladly send you a listing of congregations and more information about our ministries and purposes.

Please call (218)739-3336 or visit our website:

David Rinden
Revised October 2001